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The Good that Comes out of Tragedy

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Gov. Chris Gregoire said “out of tragedy comes something good.” She is talking about Zackery Lystedt Law – the first bill that she signed which will protect young athletes from traumatic brain injuries or death due to trauma.

In the bill signing, 16-year-old Zackery Lystedt was beside her, dressed in a black suit and sitting in a wheelchair. In their back stood his family, friends, and supporters (more than 50 of them).

Lystedt suffered a concussion in October 2006 while playing in a football game for middle-school. Moreover, he returned to the game without any medical evaluation. He proceeded to take a few more hits, and then he collapsed a minute after the game ended. As a result, his traumatic brain injury placed him in a coma for several months and required extensive therapy after two years.

Zackery Lystedt Law was proposed and passed to protect athletes from similar injuries. The law requires any athlete to consult a licensed medical professional if there’s an apparent injury (whether in practice or in a game). Before the athlete could go back in the play, there should be an approval from the doctor (or any certified athletic trainer).

“This bill saves lives every year,” says Stan Herring, the clinical physician for Washington School of Medicine, team physician for NFL’s Seahawks, and one of the strongest supporters of the bill.

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