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Let a DUI Lawyer Handle Your Case

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious crime. There are various reasons why it is strictly prohibited to use your vehicle when you are intoxicated. When you drive, you have to make sure that your vehicle is in perfect running condition. It is also the same thing with the driver. A person who is heavily intoxicated with alcohol cannot drive a vehicle with utmost diligence and precision. As a result, many road accidents happen due to this dilemma.

When face this kind of situation where you are caught in the act while driving under the influence of alcohol, you have to face the legal charges that will be filed against you. Depending on the findings and your other road violations, there is a big chance that you might end up in jail.

Damages and Injuries Incurred

Things get more complicated if you are at fault and you inflicted damages to another party. In every vehicular accident, there are always other people who will get affected. When the aggrieved party incurs severe injuries and damages to properties, there is a need for you to make the necessary compensation. With the help of your insurance policy, at least you do not have to worry about the burden. But if the accident resulted to some lives lost then you will have to face serious criminal charges. This calls for a reliable DUI lawyer who can help you throughout the legal process.

Finding a Lawyer

Getting the best lawyer in the industry does not only entail money but even your time and effort. When you start searching for a law firm, you are presented with a lot of options. Without any information, you will definitely have a hard time in choosing the best legal team.

To make things easier for you, it is strongly suggested that you get essential information among top law firms in the industry. You can also ask for referrals. Some people you know might be able to recommend a lawyer who can help you with your case.

If there are no referrals, you can always get out of your way and browse through the profiles of these law firms and lawyers. In that way, you get to know their credentials and their background when it comes to handling DUI related cases.
Having to undergo a trial is really taxing not to mention fearsome for you have to face not just penalties but even severe punishments.

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FDA is about to review Safety of Energy Drinks containing Alcohol

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Apparently The Federal Drug Administration has asked 30 energy drink manufacturers on Friday for the information about their products and has also given them only 30 days to comply, this comes from a news release at the AG’s office.

llinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has indicated that she is well concerned about the effects of these energy drinks, and that they pose a risk, because they are extremely dangerous when in the hands of young people. She has also cited the most recent results and studies that have shown how the caffeine is masking out the alcohol.

According to the various sources the Federal Drug Administration has not yet approved caffeine in alcoholic beverages. While there have been previous attempts to stop the production of these drinks, they have been only successful to a degree and have resulting in production being ceased for only a handful of manufacturers.

The other alcoholic energy drink manufacturers have swiftly stepped in to meet demand of the market. Back In the year of 2007, Madigan has tried to urge Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and the Trade Bureau to stop the misleading claims that were being made by alcoholic energy drinks.

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Personal Injury Crash Accident ends up in a DUI / DWI Arrest

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

The Morrisville State Police ran investigation of a single vehicle personal injury accident on the corner of the Erieville Rd at Hardscrabble Rd the Town of Nelson.

The police Investigation has showed that an 1998 Toyota Camry vehicle was going northbound on corner of the Erieville Rd when the vehicle driver lost the control and attempted to exit the east shoulder while striking the main guiderail. The vehicle driver then exited the west shoulder and went striking the ditch. The driver and the passenger were offered assistance.

The vehicle operator was Jonathan V. who was of age 19 and was subsequently arrested for DUI / DWI. He was processed at the SP Morrisville, where they took a breathalyzer sample of .16 BAC%. Later he was charged with DUI / DWI, also driving with BAC greater than .08% and also unsafe speeding. Passenger in the vehicle who was with him at the time Eric J. age of 21 has suffered multiple facial lacerations in the mentioned accident. The passenger was being treated at the scene by the ambulance and then later on he was transported to Community Memorial Hospital where he was undergoing some further treatment.

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Stallworth gets 30 Days Jail Time

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Prosecutors announced that Donte Stallworth, wide receiver of Cleveland Browns, will spend jail time of 30 days for DUI manslaughter under plea agreement terms. In March, he accidentally killed a construction worker, Mario Reyes, because he was driving under influence of alcohol.

Stallworth pleaded guilty and began serving his sentence right away. He also offered deep condolences to the family of the victim. “Though I can’t bring back Mr. Reyes, I will honor his memory through my commitment of time, resources, and voice in educating the whole community regarding the dangers of DUI,” he said in court.

Katherine Fernandez Rundle, state attorney, called it a “just” judgment and mentioned that the Reyes family has fully supported the plea agreement. They noted that Stallworth cooperated well with the police and also didn’t have any criminal convictions or even traffic violation records.

Stallworth’s defense lawyer, Chris Lyons, told the press that his client reached a financial settlement amicable to the Reyes family. He doesn’t want to disclose the amount but said that Stallworth has accepted responsibility with what he has done and has also shown genuine remorse. After his release, the athlete will still face house arrest of two years. He can still continue to play professional football but his license was already revoked for life.

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Illinois Driving Relief after DUI Conviction

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

If you’re convicted of DUI in Illinois, your driving privileges and driver’s license will be revoked. And if you’re like many individuals, it’s crucial for you to obtain driving relief by fully reinstating your driver’s license or at least through a restricted driving permit.

To obtain these, you have to appear before the Secretary of State in Illinois. But your success in this hearing would depend on your preparation, as well as your lawyer’s.

Take note that the penalties of a DUI conviction in Illinois are as follows:

  1. 1st offense – your driver’s license may be revoked for one year.
  2. 2nd offense – your driver’s license will be revoked for five years or more.
  3. 3rd offense – your license will be revoked for at least 10 years.
  4. 4th offense – you will have a revoked driver’s license for life!

You will not automatically get a reinstatement of you driver’s license after your revocation period. You will have another formal or informal hearing depending on your driving record. Nevertheless, it’s very possible to win even at your first hearing. Always talk to an experienced lawyer to assist you in your license-reinstatement case. These lawyers can be found in any lawyer directory online.

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59% Increase in DUI Arrests

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Mesa County Sheriff Department’s DUI (driving-under-the-influence) arrests are up 59% this year. According to the deputies, they made 61 arrests by June 2008 and already made 103 so far this year.

21st Judicial District’s chief deputy district attorney, Dan Rubinstein, announced “We are very happy to hear that.” The deputies are being extra vigilant in working checkpoints with Colorado State Patrol troopers and have been watching intoxicated drivers while working their shifts.

Just last year, Rubenstein requested Rep. Steve King (R-Grand Junction) for a bill that would make repeated DUI as a felony. However, he said “It’s very frustrating to see that this bill failed to become a law.”

There have been five cases of alcohol-related motor vehicle deaths recently in Mesa County for this year. “Obviously, we had a number of DUI related deaths, and word has to spread that law enforcement would be getting them here,” Rubenstein added.

Costs of a first-time DUI arrest can go up to $10,000. Heather Benjamin, the spokeswoman for Sheriff Department warned, “It’s just not worth it, so better not do it. If you want to drink, make sure you designate a sober person to drive you home beforehand. Otherwise, take a cab, ride the bus, or walk – just don’t drink and drive.”

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Victims Pay for DUI

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) in Bucks County all flocked to James Michener Art Museum to hold a vigil. Present were Michael Egan, Bristol Township police officer; David Zellis, First District Asst. Attorney; and Colleen Fuller, a DUI victim.

More than 60 people have gathered in the courtyard of the museum. Egan, 33, retold the incident on Aug. 27, 2005 when his life changed because of a drunk driver. “I remember that I was so thirsty. It turned out that the reason is because I lost a lot of blood.”

Egan lost his leg because a drunk driver struck him and Mark Buzby (his fellow officer) while they’re working on a Route 413 accident scene. He was hospitalized for 47 days and he won’t be able to carry his 2-year old daughter as a result.

Moreover, Zellis lamented that the perception of society to DUI has to change. “We have a community desensitized to drunk driving, and that has to change,” he said.

Many speakers went up to tell their tales of losing a loved one or becoming a victim. One of then is Fuller. She was just 26 years old when a running truck (60mph) struck her vehicle in the rear. Although her car is not moving, she was pushed in the back of a big tractor-trailer a few years ago. She suffered many fractures, numerous internal injuries, and a broken back but the drunken driver didn’t have a scratch.

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Lasting Effects of DUI

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Most likely, your concern when arrested for DUI is your immediate freedom and restoration of driving privileges. These are very pressing concerns because a DUI conviction typically leads to loss of driving privileges and prison terms.

However, there are long-lasting effects that you need to handle after settling your immediate concerns. Aside from the economic effects, the criminal record or history will haunt you forever.

It will be much worse if your DUI offense was as a felony. This consideration would depend on the case specifics (habitual offender, property damage with high value, serious injury/accident/or death, etc.).

So if you have a felony DUI, then you need to reduce it to a misdemeanor at least. Your DUI attorney can help you with this. Basically, you would need to obtain a “pardon” by petitioning your state Governor and requesting for a conversion of your felony case to a mere misdemeanor.

Then, once pardon is obtained, you can go through an “expungement” process where your misdemeanor record can be cleared. Of course, this may not be granted to all cases, but there’s no harm in trying. Again, it’s important to do all these with the help of your DUI attorney. You can search online for various attorney directories in order to find the right professional help that you seek.

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Parole Violation seen in Facebook Photos

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

To a lot of college students, posting their pictures on Facebook while partying and drinking with friends may not be a big deal. However, those pictures bore serious consequences for a woman in Campton Hills charged with a DUI-related fatal crash.

The 20-year-old Erika Scoliere was outfitted with alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet under a Kane County judge’s orders. According to a police report, officers found online photos of Scoliere on Facebook consuming alcohol.

The woman was charged with aggravated DUI and reckless homicide after a collision in South Elgin on July 2007 that killed a motorcyclist. She’s awaiting trial but the condition of her bail is to refrain from consuming alcohol or even be at the presence of people who are drinking. Unfortunately, the South Elgin police found her online photos drinking with friends who attend college in Ohio.

“The defendant appeared to be having good time drinking tequila,” says Judge Thomas Mueller during a court hearing on Wednesday as he leafed through the picture copies. As a result, Atty. Steve Sims (Assistant State Attorney) argued that Scoliere put on an ankle monitor since she has violated her bail.

“Secure Continues Remote Alcohol Monitor” or SCRAM detects alcohol through perspiration and then alert authorities. Scoliere will wear the device and be charged with $15 a day for it.

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Effectiveness of Breath-Alcohol Odor

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

In every DUI case, the officer is always prepared to testify against the arrested suspect, especially for breath-alcohol. If the arrest report doesn’t include such odor, then the suspect would probably be booked for driving under drugs’ influence. In other words, alcohol on a suspect’s breath would always be the observation encountered in every DUI case.

It’s also the most damaging because the jury would inevitably conclude that “when there’s smoke, there’s fire.” This means that alcohol present on the breath would lead to alcohol present in the body.

Fortunately, your DUI lawyer can raise two effective defense attacks:

  1. -Question the source of smell
  2. -Question the intoxication conclusion

One important point to take note: basic alcohol does not have any odor (or only a little). The fact is: the officer only smells the “flavoring odor” of the drink (wine, gin, beer, and scotch). And this odor can be deceptive as to the drink’s strength and amount consumed. For example, beer and wine will leave the strongest alcohol odor yet they’re the least intoxicating ones. In fact, a single beer can smell stronger on the breath than several martinis.

Furthermore, the smell of alcohol can be detected from a person who consumed a “near beer” beverage. These are non-alcoholic beverages made from yeast, hops, malt, and grain. It tastes, smells, and looks like regular beer but it does not contain any alcohol at all.

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Jail Time of Six Years for DUI Death

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

On Thursday, a 35-year old woman from Monterey was sentenced to six years of prison for DUI (Driving Under the Influence) which killed another man in the process. According to district attorney’s office, Shawna Ann Allen has pleaded guilty to a gross vehicular manslaughter felony count on April 2 in killing Aurelio Perez-Garcia on January 13, 2008.

That morning, Allen drove after consuming alcoholic beverages and witnesses say that she’s traveling at speeds of 60-80 mph. She then approached the intersection of Paradise Road and Castroville Boulevard where she lost control and collided with the car driven by Perez-Garcia.

District attorney office reported that Perez-Garcia (resident of Salinas) was killed in the accident leaving his 11-year-old and 5-year-old sons. His brother was also injured. Furthermore, the BAC (blood alcohol level) of Allen during the crash measured at 0.12 – it’s 1.5 times compared to the legal limit.

Throughout the sentence hearing, the family of the victim took turns in describing him. This includes a school volunteer who worked closely with his children, as well as his sister, brother, and widow. The accident happened near Manzanita Regional Park, Monterey County. And it was announced by District Attorney Dean Flippo.

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Stricter DUI Laws for Wyoming

Friday, May 29th, 2009

The Senate Judiciary Committee in Wyoming rejected a comprehensive bill that would have created stricter penalties for DUI. Fortunately, even if Governor’s Council on Impaired Driving has been working on this effort for six years, they have not given up the fight yet.

Last week, the council held a conference in Casper and developed legislative proposals for their lawmakers to consider next year. The hurdle for these measures were placed pretty high because it’s budget season and non-budget bills would require at least two thirds vote to be introduced – so the hurdle has been placed high. In addition, the same senators who opposed the bill is still in office.

Here are five recommendations of the council (in this year’s legislation, the first three were included):

  • -Make it illegal to have .08 BAC (blood-alcohol content) while driving if the test was done within two hours of being stopped.
  • -Create an offense of “aggravated DUI” for people driving with .15 BAC or greater.
  • -Increase jail time and the fourth offense should result in felony conviction and five years in prison.
  • -Give a mandatory alcohol or drug assessment and a maximum fine of $750 even for the first DUI offense of a person with a minor inside the vehicle. The second offense in this case would have to be fined up to $5,000.
  • -Include in DUI law any psychoactive or drug substance that causes a person to be impaired.

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DUI Case Role Play: A Good Reminder

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Does DUI mean that the driver is weaving all over the road sloppy drunk? Not necessarily. This was found out by around three dozen high school students from Riverside. The consequences could be as severe even if you went behind the wheel drinking only one cocktail made with cranberry juice and vodka.

Students witnessed the final act of a role play – a DUI case for the trial of Amada Wallace played at Pittsburg City Hall. “You can be pulled over for not signaling or for leaving the lights out even if you’re the perfect driver,” said Karen Zelis Holder, Deputy District Attorney, during the closing remarks. “But if the police detected alcohol odor or saw signs of red, watery eyes, then they could conduct field sobriety tests right away.”

“Thank goodness no one got hurt,” she added, emphasizing that there were other passengers in the car. Then looking at the teenagers in the crowd, she warned “Abide by the laws if you are going to drink or you will end up here.”

This courtroom scene is part of a program named “DUI Court in the Schools” – a joint effort of state Department of Motor Vehicles, Sheriff’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, District Attorney’s Office, Contra Costa County Superior Court, and participating school districts.

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DUI Boating in California

Monday, May 25th, 2009

DUI boating is also known as drunk boating or boating under the influence. It can happen in an ocean, a river, or a lake. It’s the same as operating a land vehicle with a BAC (blood-alcohol concentration) of .08%. And in California State, it’s a criminal offense.

Section 655 of Harbors and Navigation Code explains this rule in detail. It states that no person shall operate or manipulate an aquaplane, water ski, or similar device while under drug or alcoholic beverage influence. The symptoms include:

  • *Erratic driving of watercraft
  • *Lack of current and visible registration
  • *Equipment violations (life preservers, navigation lights)
  • *Right-of-way violations
  • *Speeding

Upon suspicion, officers may conduct chemical testing (blood or breath), field sobriety tests, and preliminary questioning. Although the defenses or consequences for DUI boating are similar to a regular DUI, they’re not truly identical. However, fines, probations, and jail sentences may still ensue.

One important key fact to note: a DUI boating conviction is “priorable” – this means that if you’re charged with another DUI in the future (the next 10 years), it will be regarded as a second offense. And the consequences for second offenders are usually much harsher than first timers.

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“I want a Lawyer”

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

DUI wasn’t a big thing twenty or thirty years in the past. As long as you didn’t cause an accident or no one was hurt, you will just be given some points on your license, small fine, probably a mandatory DUI Class, and one night to sober up in jail.

Today, however, things are different. First time offense can give you significant jail time, hefty fines in most courts, costly and extensive classes to attend, and probably some community service requirements. Some insurance companies even routinely cancel the car insurance if a person has a DWI or DUI conviction.

So what can you do to prevent all this? First of all, don’t try to explain anything to the police officer arresting you. Remember that “anything you say may be used against you…”

As soon as you are arrested, cooperate fully with the police officer and say these words “I want a lawyer.” These should be the first words as well as the last that goes out of your mouth. Then repeat these words often. It would help you avoid more problems and even stop the police officer from questioning you further.

A lawyer can minimize your sentence or even throw your case out of court. Of course, there are no guarantees, but without contacting a lawyer, it may be difficult or impossible to acquire leniency before the judge.

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DUI Lookout for Memorial Day Weekend

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Throughout Yolo County, law enforcement sends out a strong message to holiday travelers for Memorial Day Weekend that drinking and driving won’t be tolerated. California Highway Patrol (CHP) and Davis Police Department will be combining resources to form “Avoid the 8 DUI” task force on the road after the local festivities.

According to Davis Police Department’s Sgt. Ton Phan, “We’ll be looking for you if you’ll drink and drive. And if you’re over the .08 limit, you’ll be arrested.” The DUI task force will have a checkpoint this weekend. In addition, DUI Saturation Patrols will be roaming around. They advised the public to “immediately designate a sober driver even before the celebrations begin.”

This enforcement campaign will begin Friday night and will continue throughout the weekend. Meanwhile, CHP will be deploying 80% of available officers onto county roads and freeways within their jurisdiction. CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow said, “Memorial Day Weekend celebration can be safe for everyone. It’s all about planning ahead and making sound decisions before you head out on the road. For example, wearing seat belts and designating drivers who will not drink are good habits to have in order to avoid DUI. ”

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Using Ignition Interlock Systems

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

A sophisticated system that tests the driver’s breath for alcohol is called Ignition Interlock System. It’s a device requiring the vehicle operator to blow through an alcohol sensor unit attached to the vehicle’s dashboard. And if the BAC is above the preset level (around .02 to .04 BAC), the car cannot be started.

Some alcohol safety interlocks do not only require one test to start the engine, but it also calls for the test every few minutes while the car is running. This is called a “running or rolling retest” and would prevent drunken drivers to use their friend’s breath in the test to start the car.

All DUI offenders can benefit from ignition interlock use. Their lives will remain undisrupted and they can still use their car – to run errands, pick up their children, go to work, etc. At the same time, installing this device will also remind them that their right to drive comes with a responsibility to be sober each time they want to control the wheel.

The use of an ignition interlock system is also required as provision of parole/probation. DUI offenders better ensure that they use this device properly when they get behind the wheel to avoid jail time.

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Ninth DUI Arrest for a Man

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Police arrested Leonard John Korpal for drunk driving. According to Winona County Sheriff’s Department, this 39-year old man from St. Charles Minn. was charged with DUI for the ninth time.

The arrest happened at 2:10 a.m. for first-degree driving while intoxicated charges. When the deputies pulled him over, they noticed that alcohol was leaking from the side door of the driver. In addition, there were other citations apparent in his arrest. Police noticed that his license was revoked or canceled, he has an open bottle of alcohol with him, and he refused the blood-alcohol concentration test that was being given to him.

Korpal was arrested on DUI suspicion because he failed the sobriety tests performed to him and alcohol was leaking from his car due to the spilt drink. In Winona County Jail (where he was taken), he wasted a lot of time trying to decide whether he will submit to blood-concentration test or not and in contacting a lawyer. As a result, sheriff’s investigator Kraig Glover already considered it as a refusal.

“He complained of chest pains and he’s making suicidal threats,” Glover added. Finally, he was taken to the Mental Health Center in Rochester, Minn. named Zumbro Valley.

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DUI Conviction of Airline Pilots

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Are you wondering about DUI rules on airline pilots? Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has set a rule that those commercial pilots who are convicted (not just arrested for) DUI must report it on their medical application at the time of their renewal. Then, they must notify FAA Civil Security Division in writing.

The FAA should be notified within 60 days after the date of incident. Disclosure on a medical certificate or calling the local FAA will not suffice. In addition, the pilots should report any action taken on their driver’s license emanating from a DUI arrest. For example, refusing a breath/blood alcohol test or failing a test.

This report should also be made in writing and submitted to FAA’s Oklahoma Office within 60 days of suspension. In cases where a particular pilot suffers from both an administrative license suspension and a DUI conviction, he must report both of them to Civil Security Division or else face a non-reporting violation.

However, note that only one of these two reports may be used for suspension or revocation of your license. According to FAA, they need at least two separate incidents within three years to deny your application or suspend/revoke your pilot license.

Protect your license and get help through this mess. You can call AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association) or search for a lawyer directory online to seek assistance.

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DUI Sentence for a Man is 20 Years

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Gregory Kelly was drinking and partying. He ignored other people’s warning not to drive.

So when he did, he struck a Toyota Highlander carrying Allison Nieto and her mother Susan Price. What’s worse is that Nieto is almost eight months pregnant. The crash killed her baby and severely wounded her and her mother.

Therefore Kelly was sentenced to one count of manslaughter and two counts of aggravated assault. He pleaded guilty to the charge and he will spend 20 years in prison.

According to testimony, the blood alcohol level of Kelly was .20, which is more than double the .08 limit. As a result of the wreck, Nieto’s unborn child was beheaded. Also, she can no longer bear children because of her injuries. So in addition to the physical scars, their whole family is suffering emotional scars as well.

On the other hand, Clarence Guthrie, Kelly’s attorney, said “My client is a quiet and unassuming man. He has pleaded guilty and therefore, accepted full responsibility for this action.” Kelly’s family is in court during the sentencing and his wife told the judge (through sobs) that “Kelly is not a criminal. He is a loving and good man. However, she admitted that he has a drinking problem.”

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DUI Cases using International Drivers Licenses

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Out there, a misconception exists that if you lose your license due to a DUI charge, you can still drive using an “international driver’s license.”

Be very careful. If you see a website that sells an international license and says you could use the license to avoid suspension for United States DUI, don’t jump on it too quickly. It’s best to consult a DUI lawyer before you try it. Based on lawyers’ professional experience, these might be scams.

For example, if you get a DUI in Arizona, the state will suspend your driving privileges in Arizona only. Even if you came from Washington and you own a California drivers license, your driving privileges in Arizona can still be suspended.

This means that you can drive legally from California up to the Arizona border only. It will not matter if you get an Oregon driver’s license in exchange for your California license. The reality still remains that if you drive in Arizona, you’re breaking the law. You’ll only be allowed to do so once Arizona reinstated your driving privileges.

It’s important to note that a “driver’s license” is different from a “driver’s privilege.” A state has the ability to revoke your driving privileges in their state, but not the driver’s license (unless it’s also from the same state, although, motor vehicle compact may also revoke your license in your home state).

Therefore, even if an international driver’s license is valid in another country, it will not reinstate your driving privileges with the state where you got a DUI charge.

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The DUI Trial Process

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Some DUI cases are resolved or thrown out before reaching trial. However, many will still reach this climactic point.

Jury selection is the first segment of any DUI trial. Juries are selected from potential jurors “pool.” They are usually questioned by prosecution or defense (like requesting certain potential jurors to be removed). For instance, if one of the potential jurors has strong ties with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), he or she may be taken out of the jury. This is done so that dispositions are not biased and a fair verdict will be achieved.

When trial begins, both prosecution and defense starts their opening statements. Evidence and witnesses will be presented and the opposing party may cross-examine them.

Lawyers from opposing camps will have the final chance to convince the jury during the closing arguments. Typically, the prosecution will prove guilt while the defense will argue innocence. Then, the judge will give instructions to the jury.

It’s now time for deliberation and conclusion. Some cases will take a few minutes while some take a few days. Upon reaching the verdict, the courtroom clerk will read it aloud.

With this process, it would be unwise to hire a lawyer who doesn’t specialize in DUI law. And don’t even try to defend yourself. A DUI charge is a serious matter and should be given to the hands of the expert.

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First Steps in fighting Texas DWI

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

There’s a difference between DUI (Driving under the Influence) and DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) in Texas. DUIs are reserved for minors (under 21 years old) who are caught driving under alcohol’s influence while DWIs pertain to anybody who drives with an increased blood alcohol level above legal limit. Here are some critical steps to take if you’ve been arrested in Texas:

· Know your time limit – you will only have 15 days to contest your license suspension. This window of time is very important in fighting your DWI arrest.

· Consult with a Texas DWI attorney – you need to ensure that someone with experience is on your side during proceedings since Texas DWI is very tough. Not every attorney is well-equipped to handle these laws. Therefore, look for an attorney with experience in Texas DWI laws to get the best help.

· Obey the law after your DWI arrest – this means that you should not drive if your license has been revoked. If you’re caught driving and you don’t have a license, you would be in more trouble with the law.

· Avoid mentioning the incident to your employer immediately – if you speak to your employer now, it could have detrimental effects on your job. Some employers would suspend or even terminate you if you have been charged with DWI. So first, consult the policies of your company and consult with your attorney before you disclose this sensitive information.

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DUI Arrests are Repeat Offenders

Friday, May 8th, 2009

A recent study published in Denver Post found that out of the drivers charged with DUI every year in Colorado, 10,000 have already been arrested for the same offense. In fact, from 2005-2007, the unique offenders are just above 31,000. This means that there is roughly one out of three drunk drivers repeating their offense and habitually breaking the law.

Out of the 10,000 drunk drivers, these are also true:

· 5,679 had three prior offenses

· 84 had 10 offenses

· 5 had over 20 offenses

The city of Colorado did some steps to combat this issue. One of them is dropping the DUI threshold from .08 to .10. However, there was little improvement that occurred since 2004.

Now, there are some discussions taking place in the state. Organizations such as MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) have been lobbying for a change in Colorado’s laws.

Therefore, lawmakers plan to make drunk driving as a felony offense after several occurrences. In other states, this is already being done – sending convicted drunk drivers to jail after a certain number of offenses. However, Colorado has no limit to the DUI charges that you can obtain in your lifetime. The state has attributed this issue to budget problems.

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Boston’s DUI Laws

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

In Boston, defending against DUI (Driving Under the Influence) is very tricky. You must hire Boston lawyers who understand medical and scientific concepts. Also, they must be experienced in questioning tough witnesses, including police officers and scientists.

The DUI punishment in Boston set by the state statute is also incredibly complex. Basically, there is a range of possible sentences but it has modifications for things like:

  • *Refusal to cooperate in chemical testing
  • *With a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) over .20%
  • *Having a child (less than 14 years old) in the car
  • *Speeding over the limit (more than 20mph of the speeding limit)
  • *With prior conviction within the last seven years

In addition, the actual sentence in a DUI case may be affected by the following:

  • *Policies of prosecutors and local court
  • *Weaknesses in the case exposed by defense lawyers
  • *Facts of the case
  • *Reputation of the lawyers

All of these are independent of DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) suspension, which can be complicated and determined separately.

Unfortunately, general practice lawyers with little or no experience in DUI attempt to represent clients in this field. Always remember that only an experienced DUI lawyer who specializes in drunk driving cases and blood alcohol analysis could effectively handle these administrative and criminal proceedings.

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Burien City Manager charged with DUI

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Formal DUI charges have been filed against Mike Martin, Burien City Manager when his car struck a planter at 14th Avenue South. The incident happened around 11pm of April 19. According to reports, one King County Sheriff’s deputy responded to a call and arrested Martin on DUI suspicion.

When he arrived at the scene, the officer said that Martin and the owner of the home (whose planter had been struck) were talking on the roadside. The homeowner told the officers that Martin was really drunk. At the same time, the officer also described Martin as having bloodshot eyes and smelling of alcohol.

According to the police report, Martin said he consumed only two beers, but later changed it to two glasses of wine. He also refused the breathalyzer and field sobriety test. On the way to Burien precinct, the officer quoted Martin saying “This was stupid; many people will be disappointed in me.”

Lucy Krakowiak, Burien Councilwoman, called for Martin’s resignation in a letter to Times/News. On the other hand, Jack Block Jr., former Councilman, stood by Martin and spoke in his support during the May 4 council meeting.

Since the city attorney of Burien reports to Martin, the council members hired an outside attorney who will advise them regarding this situation. Their lawmakers also conducted a few executive sessions in order to discuss the matter.

The arraignment date is scheduled on May 15.

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Your DUI Case is not Hopeless

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

A DUI charge doesn’t necessarily lead to instant convictions. Actually, there are many ways to challenge it. If you speak to an experienced DUI lawyer, he or she can assess your case. In many instances, an attorney may clear your record fully, or keep consequences to a minimum at the very least.

Challenge your initial arrest – when you’re arrested by a police officer under suspicion of DUI, he or she should have a probable cause as prescribed under the United States constitution. If your arrest is based solely on a random basis, an anonymous tip, or on “suspicious” reasons such as race and ethnicity, then your DUI lawyer can question this arrest.

Challenge your questioning – upon arrest, officers must read your “Miranda rights,” which is composed of specific rights to remain silent, entitlement to a lawyer, etc. So if you’re arrested and the officer didn’t recite these famous lines, your DUI lawyer’s defense will move towards a violation of your rights.

Challenge your tests – in most states, officers will require a test (urine, saliva, blood, or breath test) to check the level of alcohol in your blood. Even if you failed on these tests, your DUI lawyer can question the functionality and maintenance of breathalyzers, as well as the medical qualification of the person who did the blood alcohol testing. On these grounds, your case is definitely not an instant losing battle.

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DUI Victims Suffer Pain

Monday, May 4th, 2009

In the United States, someone is killed every thirty minutes and injured every two minutes by a drunk driver. DUI is the most frequent crime in the country, and it has long-lasting effects on those involved.

For the drunk driver, legal costs include fines, jail time, driver license suspension, and other penalties. Most of the time, these drivers don’t think about the consequences of their actions until it’s too late.

For the innocent victims, drunk driving may cause severe injuries and even death. So if a drunk driver has affected your life in some way, it’s essential for you to seek legal advice immediately through an attorney referral service.

Alcohol is always an aggravating factor in an accident, especially concerning motor vehicles. Therefore, if someone is found guilty of DUI, a harsher sentence is ordered. Aside from the drunk driver, you can also file a suit against the party who supplied the alcohol. This is called “dram shop liability” for multiple claims.

Your attorney may also charge criminal charges against the DUI offender. When the driver doesn’t have liability insurance, some states offer reimbursement programs to the victims.

Truly, drunk drivers may cause you enormous amounts of suffering and pain. The only thing you can do is consult an experienced DUI attorney and make sure that you’ll receive the maximum compensation amount you’re entitled to.

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The Toughest DUI Laws in the Country

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Washington State carries the stiffest DUI penalties in the country. A single arrest will dramatically change your life. Therefore, it’s important to retain a Washington lawyer experienced in DUI cases. If your lawyer is familiar with prosecutors and local practices, you have a higher chance of meeting the special rules and demands of the court, and therefore enhancing your chance of winning.

Here are some key aspects of the tough DUI laws in Washington:

· Immediate appearance – most courts will take maybe a month or two before prosecutors file your DUI case. But not in Washington. If you are arrested for DUI in this state, a court appearance will be required from you within 48 hours starting from the next business day.

· Pre-trial release policies – the prosecutors of most courthouses will not seek to increase bail during the first court appearance. However, Washington prosecutors will usually request pre-trial release conditions and substantial bail on all DUI cases. These include things such as abstinence from all alcohol, immediate installation of devices such as ignition interlock, and attending alcohol abuse classes as well.

· Oftentimes, alleged DUI offenders (who will appear in court unrepresented) are taken immediately to jail until they post bail. No credit cards or personal checks are accepted for it. They really have to stay in jail until arrangements are made. Therefore, it’s critical that an experienced DUI Washington lawyer represent them and ensure their immediate release.

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DUI Arrests of Chicago Police Officer Investigated

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Joe Parker, a Chicago police officer may have falsified information in two of his DUI arrests. The local police department has already launched an internal investigation on this matter.

At the same time, Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority is also investigating another DUI arrest apparently made by the same officer on South Lake Shore Drive. As a result, sources have told Chicago Sun-Times that the state’s attorney’s office dropped dozens of DUI cases from Parker due to questions about his arrests.

The subpoena came from Wayne Jackson, represented by Attorney Gregory Kulis. Jackson insists that he passed the Breathalyzer and field sobriety tests on the night of May 10, 2006. However, Parker still arrested him.

Now, the Internal Affairs Division of Chicago Police Department is investigating that case in addition to Parker’s arrest of Anthony Lindsey on March 1, 2008 and Eric Turner on May 27, 2008. All of them are arrested for DUI charges in the same area.

Prosecutors have been evaluating video recordings taken from Parker’s squad car and his arrest reports. Sources said that the videos of his administered field sobriety tests are inconsistent with his statements in the arrest reports.

As a result, Cook County Traffic Court asked Chicago Police Department to constantly assign video-equipped cars to officers who are frequently making DUI arrests.

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Driving is only a Privilege

Friday, May 1st, 2009

In the United States, there’s a common misconception that anyone has the right to drive. But this is not true. If you would look at the constitution, there is a right to life, liberty, as well as the pursuit of happiness. There is nothing there that says any person has the right to drive.

Therefore, driving motor vehicles can only be considered a privilege. And that privilege can be modified or taken away based on certain conduct or several issues such as DUI cases. If you understand this, you will also understand why many constitutional and procedural safeguards don’t apply when you drive a motor vehicle after a DUI arrest.

Also, driving can be removed with due process. Usually, this process involves an administrative hearing in the court of a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) law judge. When you’re facing these issues, make sure that you seek attorney consultation right away. Take note that there are 50 states, and each one has their own licensing department.

Some states even have a department for driver improvement. It’s typically their job to investigate drivers who seem to have higher risk than others. They also make sure that the minimum safety standards are followed. Aside from DUI cases, they may also investigate drivers with histories of instability or mental illness, drivers on anti-seizure drugs or other medications, and elderly drivers as well.

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Drunk Driving: A Serious Charge for Teens

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

According to statistics, nearly 70% of teenagers have already consumed alcohol - whether hard liquor, wine, or beer.  Even if it’s illegal to sell these beverages to minors, still, there are irresponsible people doing it.

In fact, many teens have been caught for DUI (driving under the influence).  Also, more than 3,000 teens die of drinking and driving every year.  Why does this happen?

Most of the time, teens succumb to peer pressure.  Since parents do not allow them to drink at home, they resort to drinking in parties and neighborhood hangout.  And because of inexperience with alcohol, they often consume more than they could handle.  Therefore, they’re intoxicated while driving home.

The 18-year-olds record the highest crash rate.  Apparently, they feel that they’re indestructible, especially if alcohol is in their blood.

Though alcohol limit is usually between .08 - .10, most states apply zero tolerance laws to teen drivers.  So if teenagers are caught with any blood alcohol level (BAC), he or she will immediately be arrested by the police and charged with DUI.

Take note that this is a serious offense.  So when this happens, consult a DUI lawyer right away.  Lawyers can give help and legal assistance.  They can be found online through numerous websites and lawyer listings.

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No Contest Plea to DUI granted to Boylan

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Robert Michael Boylan, Jefferson County School District’s director of transportation pleaded no contest to a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) case against him. The deal was accepted by Gail Boober, Jefferson County Magistrate to keep Boylan out of jail.

According to his attorney, Harley O. Wagner, the plea doesn’t have any effect on Boylan’s job. In fact he’s still working as the school district’s director of transportation. However, Boober warned Boylan that he should not expect any mercy if he returns to court on his second DUI offense. In West Virginia DUI second-time offenders get a jail sentence of one year plus fines, while third-time offenders are charged with felony and convicted to a state prison jail sentence of one to three years.

Boober also ordered Boylan to pay $270 in court costs and $300 fine aside from his $3,500 bond. According to court records, the latter was pulled over because Sgt. George Manning of Charles Town Police Department saw an expired registration plate on his white Chrysler.

Then, Manning noticed that Boylan’s speech was slurred and the breath smelled like alcohol. In addition, Boylan also failed the heel-to-toe field sobriety test. His preliminary breath test showed blood alcohol level (BAC) of .159%, which is almost double compared to the .08% allowable limit.

Wagner said that he tried to convince Boylan to go to trial after the hearing. However, Boylan decided to take the plea at the last minute, and Wagner respected his client’s wish.

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Prevent DWI Record in Minnesota

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

In Minnesota, a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated - same offense as DUI) charge will remain indefinitely on your record. This may prohibit you from traveling to Canada or other countries. It may also mean vehicle treatment costs or forfeitures, plate impoundments, license revocations, alcohol assessments, fines, or skyrocketing insurance rates (sometimes more than $350 per month).

Therefore, a DWI record has the potential to change your life forever if you don’t make the right decisions now. Fortunately, your DWI case may have a chance to be reduced or dismissed if you’ll hire a Minnesota lawyer. Since DWI is a specialized area of practice, your lawyer can think of unique strategies to defend you.

In fact, there are many DWI defense challenges such as:

· What is the probable cause for the police officer to suspect drunk driving or criminal activity in your vehicle and prompted him or her to make an arrest?

· Did the officer follow the necessary arrest procedures based on the law?

· Were your constitutional rights violated?

· Was the test to measure BAC (blood alcohol level) properly administered?

· Was the machine used for the test properly maintained?

· Were you read a DWI Implied Consent Advisory?

True, fighting DWI can be complicated. But if you can find a lawyer who will help you, then you’ll have a better chance of winning the case. The best counsel can be found in numerous lawyer directories online.

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Avoid these Common Mistakes in DUI Arrest

Monday, April 27th, 2009

A DUI (Driving Under Influence) arrest can leave you hanging by a thread. After a stressful police encounter and jail nightmare, it’s predictable that everyone in your life right now are giving you different opinions on what to do next. And if you want to end it all, you need to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Failure to consult a DUI lawyer

Most people arrested for DUI get advice from family and friends, police, other people arrested for DUI, and lawyers who don’t specialize in DUI defense. Don’t make this mistake!

Since DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) administrative laws and DUI laws are very complicated, it’s very important to consult with a lawyer who specializes in DUI defense. Only DUI lawyers can help you with accurate advice on the next step that you should take.

  • Failure to request an administrative hearing from DMV

It is wrong to assume that it’s hopeless to fight for your case. There are many reasons why you should apply for DMV hearing including the following:

    1. *Your defense lawyer could question the police officer who arrested you – this may help lift the  criminal case
    2. *It’s possible to win the case – DUI lawyers know how to challenge DUI license suspension or revocation with many reasons
    3. *You don’t want to give up your license - take note, you only have 10 days (from your arrest date) to apply for this hearing. Failure to do so will automatically suspend your driver’s license.

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Answer your Questions in California DUI arrest

Friday, April 24th, 2009

According to Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in California, residents need to be aware of the general procedures performed during a DUI arrest. So here are some common questions from California drivers:

  • -What will happen after a DUI arrest?

The law requires the officer to immediately forward to DMV a copy of suspension form (or revocation form) and the driver’s license together with a sworn report. DMV will automatically examine the test results, suspension or revocation order, and the report submitted by the officer.

You may request a hearing from DMV within 10 days upon receipt of the order. This action will be set aside if their review showed that there’s no basis for suspension or revocation. DMV will notify you in writing.

  • -Is urine test still being done?

You will be required to submit to chemical test in order to determine the drug or alcohol content in your blood. A breath or blood test will be requested from you. However, a urine test is no longer available since January 1999 unless: you have a heart condition and taking an anticoagulant medication, you are hemophiliac, or both breath and blood tests are not available.

  • -If ever the officer confiscated the driver’s license, how will it be redeemed?

At the end of your suspension or revocation, your driver’s license will be automatically returned to you. However, DMV will ask for a $125 reissue fee and proof of financial responsibility. If you’re under 21 years old, your reissue fee will only be $100.

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Stallworth’s DUI Arraignment Delayed

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Upon prosecutors’ request, the DUI arraignment for NFL star Donte Stallworth has been reset to May 21. If you can recall, Stallworth was allegedly drunk when he accidentally killed a pedestrian crossing the street on McArthur Causeway.

Stallworth, 28 years old, was driving his Bentley after partying at a Miami Beach nightclub on March 14 when the 59-year-old Mario Reyes was hit around 7 a.m. While rescue workers attended to the unconscious Reyes, two officers were questioning Stallworth and giving him sobriety tests.

Stallworth is currently the receiver for Cleveland Browns. On the other hand, Reyes was an overnight crane operator who just finished his shift for the night and was trying to catch a bus home before the unfortunate accident. He was declared dead one hour after arriving at the hospital.

Reyes’ family was in shock when they learned of the incident. On the contrary, Browns football team said that they don’t want to comment while the investigation is still going on.

During the accident, Stallworth cooperated with the police right away. Two officers drew some blood from him as standard routine to test for alcohol or drugs. And while waiting for the result, Pat Trese, Assistant State Attorney, explained to the judge that they needed more time to complete their investigation.

The request was granted by the court today. Meanwhile, Stallworth posted a bond worth $200,000 and did not appear during the brief hearing.

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Prevent DUI Fatalities as Early as Possible

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Fatalities in drunk driving could be prevented. The easiest way would be to avoid getting behind the wheel when you’ve been drinking. So before involving yourself with activities that include alcohol, assign the driving to someone who will drink only non-alcoholic beverages. This would ensure that you’ll be safely home.

According to statistics, about 33% of Americans will be involved in at least one alcohol-related crash. In fact, 2006 statistics say that 1.46 million DUI arrests have already been made. During the same year, 41% of traffic fatalities came from people who are drinking and driving.

This is why many groups work toward passing stricter laws in order to punish offenders. Currently, groups such as MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) combine drunk driving prevention with new technologies. Some of these are:

· Advanced breath testing.

· Touch-based systems that will measure BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) through the skin.

· Visible light measures BAC through spectroscopy.

· Eye-movement measurement technology can also be used to detect elevated BAC levels through involuntary eye closures or other movements that represent drowsiness.

· Ignition lock can be connected to a vehicle’s ignition. The driver needs to blow in the machine to check his or her BAC. If alcohol has been detected, the vehicle will not start up. This is perfect for repeat offenders.

In addition, law enforcement officers or agencies should remain vigilant to prevent accidents. They can set up sobriety checkpoints or saturation patrols spread over a large area.

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To Reveal the Code or Not - That is the Question

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

The ruling of the Superior Court to give Arizona DUI lawyers complete access to the breath-testing equipment software was overturned by the Court of Appeals. The panel said that no evidence was found to support lower court judge’s claim that prosecutors have better access to it than defense attorneys.

The software code called Intoxilyzer 8000 was placed under repeated attack from defense lawyers handling DUI cases. They say that this code will enable them to verify the reliability and accuracy of the equipment independently. They argued that they have the right legally and constitutionally to challenge their accusers.

According to Intoxilyer 8000 manufacturer, their code is considered a trade secret. But reports say that this equipment was banned in Tennessee after it failed to meet the testing for accuracy. In fact, court battles have already sparked in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Florida and Minnesota. Issues that always come up include unauthorized changes to software and equipment approved by the state as well as code access.

Back in Arizona Court ruling, they clarified that prosecutors don’t really have an advantage over criminal defense DUI attorneys. However, there’s still an issue on the “substantial need” for code access, and the state prosecutors have already predicted that any decision of the Superior Court judge will ultimately be brought to the Court of Appeals.

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Various Tests in Field Sobriety

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Sometimes, do you wonder how police officers know if drivers are drinking and driving? It’s simple. An officer usually asks suspects of intoxication to perform voluntary tests. These are called “field sobriety tests.”

These tests have exercises that will determine if a person still has lucidity, motor skills, and balance. Some of them are as follows:

· Finger to nose – this will require the individual to stand straight, feet together, close their eyes, and touch their nose with an index finger. Officers usually look for muscle tension, eyelid tremors, or body sway.

· Walk and turn – individuals will take “heel-to-toe” steps in one line and then turn to take the same number of steps back. Officers are checking whether the drivers can still follow instructions, balance, and be coordinated.

· Rhomberg Balance Test – drivers will be asked to tilt their head back, close their eyes, and then count silently for 30 seconds. Officers observe if they can stand steady and find out if their internal clock is sped up with stimulant use or slowed down with alcohol intoxication.

· Follow the pen – officers place an object 12 inches from the person’s face and then move it from side to side. They are watching for trembling or involuntary jerking of the eyeball.

In addition to these roadside exercises, some officers also have a “Breathalyzer test” that can check the BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) of a person through their breath. It is a chemical test that will estimate their intoxication level.

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Legal Terms and Consequences of Drunk Driving

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Most states use DUI (Driving under Influence) as a term for being legally impaired or intoxicated while driving a motor vehicle. These states include Pennsylvania, Florida, and California. Threshold for legal intoxication is usually determined in the urine, blood, or breath test when the person registers 0.08% BAC (blood alcohol content). But officers may arrest motorists even when their BAC is lower than 0.08%, especially if they’re minors.

In eight other states including Texas and New York, this is referred as Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) while in Ohio it’s called Operating Motor Vehicle while Intoxicated (OVI/OMVI). Mostly, these acronyms are equivalent and the charges would all refer to drunk driving.

Every year, DUI laws and penalties are getting stronger in each state. You could be fined with substantial fees, lose your driver’s license, or even be placed in jail. Not only will your insurance rate rise, you could also have a record of criminal conviction which could impact your employment opportunities in the future.

So if you’ve been charged with DUI, remember that it could be a serious offense. However, when you seek legal help from DUI attorneys, good defense will really make a difference in the result of the case. Therefore, it’s important to find attorneys fast within your area.

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Charles Barkley DUI charges backfire with TNT

Friday, January 9th, 2009

David Levy the president of the TNT Sports division has indicated today that Charles Barkley will not be on TNT Sports for at least a few weeks at bare minimum and with no final return date being set in place. These events transpired shortly after Charles Barkley was arrested on DUI ( drinking and driving ) in Arizona, he had almost twice the legal limit of alcohol allowed in the state of Arizona when he was pulled over.

The new statement released from the David Levy about Charles Barkley says the following. “When I spoke with Charles, he was apologetic for the events that transpired and it was obvious he understands the significance of the situation. This is an important time for Charles as he deals with the legal and personal issues that confront him. Charles is a valued part of the Turner Sports organization and we are concerned for his well-being”.

To add another twist to the story, in the original police report Charles Barkley indicated to the police officer that the reason he crossed the stop sign is because he was in a hurry to pick up a women he saw. He then told the police officer that this women was giving him sexual favour before and that it was very good, so that is why he picked her up again. However there was no explanation as to why he was driving while being under heavy influence of alcohol.

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Sam Shepard Caught In The DUI In The State Of Illinois

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Famous 65 year old actor Sam Shepard got caught up in the DUI ( drinking and driving under influence ) incident in Illinois. Shepard was given some testing by the police officer who used the breathalyzer device and they found he had twice the legal limit of alcohol in his blood at the time he was pulled over. At the time he was pulled over police also discovered that he was driving approximately at 46 miles per hour in a zone where only 30 miles per hour was allowed. Shepard told the police on the scene of the drinking and driving incident that he was at a local bar and that he was on his way to a hotel as he was traveling from Minnesota to his home base in Kentucky.

Sam Shepard is best known for his performance in the drama called “Buried Child”, also he was an Oscar nominee in the 1983 for the movie called “The Right Stuff”. This is another case of celebrity based DUI or drinking under influence of alcohol.  Shepard was lucky enough that no accidents happened and that he was pulled over in time before something more dangerous happened to him while being intoxicated and under influence of alcohol.

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DUI Incident in Vancouver, B.C

Monday, December 29th, 2008

A man involved in snow related DUI incident in Vancouver, B.C has been charged and sentenced to 2 years in prison. The man has been drinking heavily prior to stepping into his car and has been seen by several witnesses at the local pub, bringing liquor he purchased into his vehicle before heading home. The case is still pending ongoing investigation, related to the pub who sold the liquor to the driver.

Once the man was heading home in his vehicle, completely intoxicated he hit a propane truck who then hit another vehicle which had two more people who are currently in the hospital and recieveing intensive care. When suspect was finally arrested, after trying to escape on foot he was upset and mad about the police bringing him into the custody, he also had a handgun on him and was prepared to fire at the police officers and anything else in his path, although his plan was foiled by quick reaction from the local police department who got tips from several witnesses on the street about the drunken man and handgun he was carrying. This DUI incident will not go without punishment, one of the witnesses said on the scene.

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24 people arrested for DUI by Petaluma police on Friday

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

The police department in the Petaluma county has arrested 24 people on the charges of the DUI and issued more then 30 traffic law citations on Friday as part of a new campaign that targets drunk drivers. The police officers who handled the operation said that approximately 12 arrests were made and in those cases the people operating the vehicle had no license or suspended license. These vehicles were then impounded immidately. Also the arrests were made for other charges such as suspected drug violations and so on. The police department handling the DUI operation has indicated that out of 286 vehicles that were stopped 57 were evaluated for DUI charges.

The large pool of police officers on the scene involved some 35 or so officers from various agencies. Some of these agencies were Petaluma, Cotati, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Healdsburg, Cloverdale and Sonoma State University, Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department and California Highway Patrol. This was probably one of the biggest DUI operations in the county thus far and is targeted at raising awareness among young drivers who tend to be more suspectible to drinking and driving.

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New State Wide DUI marketing campaign unignored

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

This ad campaign is anything but soft-hitting. Certainly not a pretty ad campaign for DUI during the  holiday season, however it has its state wide purpose. The ad which is coming from the Lou Beres And Associates in the Chicago and the client from Illinois talks about how the DUI affects human life. The main theme or idea of the ad is that it takes only one DUI incident to scar you permanently for life. The message is being communicated on the ad via people who have “Loser” word on their skin.

This new ad campaign which is boldly showing the “loser” aspect of drunken driving or DUI comes right at a time when state of Illinois is about to enact a new much more stricter DUI law. This law is basically saying that it is mandatory for anyone who has a DUI on their record, that they must install a device or breath alcohol ignition interlock box, a small DUI device basically, on their vehicle if they intend to drive anywhere. This small device acts as a prevention measure. The car is unable to start if the driver’s blood alcohol level exceeds a certain level. This device should definately raise more awareness and help with the DUI incidents in the state of Illinois overall.

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The Mascot arrested in DUI case

Monday, December 1st, 2008

A senior who actually plays the mascot was finally arrested after reckless DUI incident that occured on tuesday night and his status in school is currently under serious review and question.

James S. who was recently pulled over from a specific campus was caught by the office while on regular patrol. The officer who caught him said the vehicle that was being driven was loaded with people piled both onto the trunk and engine area blocking the view of the main driver. After the officer has determined there was heavy drinking involved, the officer finally administered the dui tests and took the person into a hospital where they conducted further investigation and testing on the blood alcohol levels.

James S. was a school mascot for a while, and no one expected this kind of behaviour from him. We found out that student who is a mascot recieves a fairly substantial scholarship, but no word on what the exact amount is. However all this could change since of the incident involving DUI and driving under influence of alcohol. The university sanctions can be fairly extensive in this case and may range from requiring students to either take the mandatory classes in order to get better or they may recieve full expulsion.

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The honorable Judge M. plead guilty to DUI

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

A judge in cook county is planning to plead guilty in the latest case of drunk driving, the attorney of the judge has indicated on the latest appearance in the court which was done on Friday. The judge who is now 47 years old and comes from the beverly community, potentially could face up to a whole year behind the prison bars if and when the judge gets convicted in this latest DUI case. Some of the main case prosecutors indicated that she has continually refused to conform to the standard test and take breathalyzer when the almost fatal accident involving the chevy blazer and family van occured. What has happened according to the police report is that she still continuned to drive even after the DUI collision came into place.

At this time she has been assigned to only perform administrative duties, and her status is not very clearly known. There might possibly not be any trial but there is a possible jail time as well as the fine associated with this DUI case involving the minivan and the family of five people according to one source, which is assistant atty General Daniel Nikolic. There are also other fines for not reducing the speed in connection with this same DUI incident.

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New State Law Is Giving The Illinois DUI Residents a Memorial Sign

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

In the state of Illinois, a person called Joel Mains tried to recently lead a news conference in the full cooperation of the Cook County Circuit, the Illinois Department of Transportation, and the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists. They finally unveiled a new type of a sign that they hoped will try and prevent the state of Illinois DUI or Driving Under Influence number of fatalities. The actual law came to the effect in January of 2008 and basically enables the new memorial signs to honor those who were killed in the fatal DUI or Drinking Under Influence accidents. The signs are to be placed at the exact crash site on any number of the state owned highways.

Some initiators indicated that when other people passed by the crosses and flowers on the highway and roadside they got the feeling and knew that something serious involving had happened there, but immidately it wasn’t evident what exactly it was. They additionally said or expressed opinion that they were hoping for the signs placed on the highway letting people know about the cause of the death, which was a result of a DUI or drunk driver and that it would serve as a reminder and raise complete awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving on the roads of Illinois.

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Deputy and the Officer try to argue over the related DUI incident

Friday, November 14th, 2008

A cop who pulled over a not on duty sheriff deputy on the yet to be determined suspicion of DUI and drunk driving was what it seems tried to help the fellow officer, the audiotape of the traffic pit stop has confirmed this finding. The conversation revealed some details about what the pair was arguing. It seems the officer was trying to help the other deputy by saying “You know you’ve been drinking probably a little too much.” I saw the alcohol in the car. I can smell it.” and also “You’re a sergeant now. You get to keep your job, and that’s your career.”

The other deputy however kept on insisting that he has done nothing wrong in this DUI incident involving alcohol and said that he had not done anything bad on the road yet and was not speeding at all. However the  other officer has said  that he did go off road and called him a liar.  Suddenly the tone of the conversation went from the calm and mild to basically lot of arguing. At one specific moment in time the officer was quoted saying “”You’ll be lucky if you have a job after this. Now, sign the ticket, keep your mouth shut and go home.” However when all was finished and completed in this DUI case the deputy was cited only for a wrong lane change.

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